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Are Christians called to be Holy and Perfect?


God bless you
May 18, 2017
It is interesting when we are talking about being Holy. I say this because someone expressed
repentance like this.
"repent just means to change your thinking
To change means you stop believing you are the center of the universe, and realise God is the center of the universe
To stop thinking you must take care of your needs, To admitting Only God can do these things
To stop thinking you are righteous, and God loves you based on who you are so he will not send you to hell, Or there is no god. to there is a God and admitting even one sins makes me guilty, and thus I need his salvation.
I think someone said it earlier, Paul si a great example of what true repentance looks like. "

Now to me just looking at Nineveh and Jonah preaching to them, they did a lot more than change
their thinking. Jesus and the apostles talked about stopping evil behaviour and walking righteously.
So a different gospel and faith is being preached amongst many churches, which sounds the same
superficially but actually denies the need for our walk to any degree, or that God is concerned about
how we walk. It is a kind of accept God as God and that is all you need to do. Its fault is it does not
take into account Jesus empowers us to grow and develop in Him and in grace, so we will walk like
Jesus through our struggles, and this is a daily fight and desire.

Also in these peoples thinking, anything like the apostles creed or teaching of the early church is
rejected as adding to scripture, rather than an encouragement to understand scripture correctly.
They need to do this, because their view of scripture is not christian, but by reinterpreting the words
in their own way, they can construct a faith that seems to work. One of this group claimed the
apostles creed was a grevious sin. Such ideas are so judgemental and without understanding of
what was being answered at the time, and how it clarifies many points that needed further explanation.
At the core, love through Christ is what changes us, but if this is a stranger to someones heart, then
anything else that justifies the way they are living without change, their conscience is at ease.