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At Home Food Prep


Jul 1, 2018
So...I fail majorly in this area. I want to make it my goal to make meals at home the majority of the time. I am not sure where I fall short. I know sometimes I forget to thaw the chicken or something. I have considered doing a whole weeks worth of food prep on like a Sunday afternoon or something to make life easier, but simply don't plan on it or forget or am too tired.

I guess what makes it challenging is we go wheat free so no breads for sandwiches, no pastas (unless they are a non-wheat option and this is rare because these pastas are expensive at the store), etc. So most meals feel like they take so much more time.

The crockpot is my best friend and helps a lot of the time, but it cooks a long time so I can't make every meal in it.

Anyone have any food prep tips to be sure that meals are almost always ready on time? Maybe I am just being unrealistic lol.


Aug 16, 2015
Yes...but I gotta get back to making cookies.

I'm gonna be pushed for time for a couple more weeks...got a ton of stuff to do and a short amount of time to get it done in.