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Bible Study Character of the Holy Spirit



Here's a great free audio tape to listen to about the Holy Spirit.
It talks about OT and NT "appearances" of the Holy Spirit.

It also gets into John. 14 and 15 --- the Comforter, or as many other translations call it, the Advocate or Counselor ---- also, 1Jn. 2:1.

This tape is largely about the Holy Spirit, not Trinity.

It discusses the new role of the Holy Spirit as our personal Advocate - Counselor - Consigliere.

Jesus seems to say the giving of the Holy Spirit (Comforter) is a future event, but John the Baptist's parents were filled with the Holy Spirit already (Lk 1:41, 67). This is discussed in the tape.

If you have the interest, please listen. Thank you.

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Character of the Holy Spirit

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