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Desperate single mother seeking adoptive home for newborn before X-mas

Nov 9, 2017
I am the birth mother and will do anything to see that this child is adopted into a lovely and caring home before Xmas.
It has not been an easy decision but I know its the right one giving the circumstances at hand.
She deserves nothing but the best out there and I as the birth mother will guarantee that.
The father abandoned us when I was just a month pregnant , I wouldn't blame him because everyone is entitled to what so ever he thinks or does.
My God is real and I will keep believing in him either in good or bad times.
Its his will for me to take this path for the child and nothing will stop me .
If you are seriously looking to adopt ASAP, please leave an email for future communication.
If you don't leave an email I wouldn't contact you it means you are not serious.
Also my email: smanthareeves1@gmail.com
Thanks and God bless you

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