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Bible Study Getting Rid of the Bond Woman



Living by works, or legalism, is the natural condition of people. Whether we are religious or not, without the Holy Spirit we live by works.

Christianity is the only way of life that offers grace. Without Christ, whether or not we are religious, we live by trying to improve ourselves. We develop will power and discipline to modify our behavior and achieve our goals.

But Christ offers us peace. Only in Christ can we be perfect by faith alone without effort on our part.

The Old Covenant was written for people living under the curse of sin. It served to point out sin and to wake people up to the fact that their work and effort were hopeless. The law was intended to be temporary; it was given at Sinai and was to last until Jesus came. (Galatians 3:16-20)

Since Jesus died and rose for us, we live in a new reality. That reality is the New Covenant. Jesus became our curse; He died our death; He rose from death, and now He gives us His life and the promised Holy Spirit. (see Galatians 3:13-14)