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Greetings brothers and sisters


Dec 29, 2017
Hi there again :wave
I've been bumping around here and there and posted a few topics.
I hope life is good and God is blessing everyone's life here
God bless you all.

My name is OLIGOS

I've been doing better but if you read any of my prayer request threads I've currently been suffering from sinus issues I'm afraid. :sad

Hello and welcome! I live in Michigan, but grew up in Spokane. I just came back from there a few weeks ago. My Dad turned 85 this year and we had a pretty big turnout! We even had relatives from central Cal come up.

this is my baby. I took this shot a few weeks ago in my Dads driveway. my Dad calls it a stovebolt, hence my screen name. I actually drove this to Spokane and back!View attachment 9955

Cool! :cool Thanks for getting this song stuck in my head by the way. :lol



Staff member
Nov 4, 2004
WOW :thumbsup
And I'm a GEARHEAD - All my life. A BEAUTIFUL 1968 CAMARO. That is STUNNING!!
Far from being a "STOVEBOLT".
That was Chevy's nick name back in the 40's and 50's.
My dad had a '51 Chevy and that's what he called her in the early 50's.

Thanks for the history and the pic.

My name is OLIGOS
Thank you kind sir! I’ve had her 18 years and Just like Gods been Transforming my life, that ole gal didn’t always look or run as she does today.

as a teen, we used to cruise Riverside. I was excited to see how vibrant the Car community is in Spokane. The club meets at Rons on Sprague, just off Pines and they cruise the city, including Riverside. Unfortunately the protests kept us from Riverside but about 250 - 300 cars showed up to cruise the Garland district. I believe I represented Michigan well. What a blast!

thats a cool Avatar you have! As a gearhead, what do you have?

Mar 29, 2020
Stovebolt quote
That's a cool Avatar you have! As a gearhead, what do you have.
When I moved from SoCal (San Bernardino) 43 years ago and God got a hold of me, He changed my direction in life from cars to ministry work helping people.
My 1st car was a '50 Merc that got a potent '53 Chrysler HEMI back in 1960.
She was fast and fun and eventually beautiful when I painted the ol' girl
Yeah, I'm an oldster that never grew up. At 77, I'm still 20 years old and living a fabulous healthy life in Christ. When it snows here in the Northwest, I turn 8 and I go out and play in that wonderful fluffy white stuff. Can't wait until I turn 80 :dancing.

After the 50' Merc came more cars and motorcycles, that I have great memories of with my buddies, but nothing compares with the Joy I found here in God's Country - OREGON. This is where I was led to Christ and found a joy that isn't equaled by anything else in my life.
Even with all the struggles I've had to endure over the years like all of us, nothing compares to the life of a true believer that has surrendered his life to Christ.
He's my all in all, and I love Him with all my heart, mind, soul and strength.

Thanks for the pic of your beautiful "BABY. The fun you must have with her :thumbsup !

My name is OLIGOS