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have any of the 7 seals been opened yet?


Light in darkness
Staff member
Apr 22, 2011
IMO I think we are still in the beginning of sorrows as what Jesus taught the disciples in Matthew 24:4-8 as these things have escalated throughout the generations, but I don't believe the first seal has been broken yet.

The seven seals that only Jesus is worthy to open span the next fifteen chapters of Revelation. Chapter six only explains the first six seals as in a brief scenario of what is about to take place during the timing of Gods seven trumpet and seven vial chastisements. Hopefully many will come back to God through repentance during the time of His fierce wrath upon those of disobedience as God would that none should perish, 2 Peter 3:9.

Jesus spoke to His Disciples in Matthew Chapter twenty four of those things all of us need to be watchful of before His return as no man knows the day nor the hour of His return. It is not until Rev Chapter eight that we see the seventh seal being opened that begins with the seven trumpets and leads up to the seven vial judgments of Gods fierce wrath. The seventh trumpet begins the full explanation of what happens to those who walk in disobedience to God before the great and terrible day of the Lords return as the powers of heaven will be shaken, Joel 2:30, 31; Luke 21:26.

When we see the word thunder used in scripture it usually denotes that of Gods great power wanting our full attention. This is what is happening within the seven seals and seven trumpets. God wants us to pay close attention to His warnings of things that are yet to come. To those who continue to walk in disobedience going after other gods, Jeremiah Chapter 7, His final fierce wrath falls on those of disobedience who refuse to repent and turn back to Him as His longsuffering and patience is now at an end, Numbers 14:18; 2 Peter 3:9.

The first four seals are various horses with riders of destruction that are revealed to John. This is not Gods wrath poured out as of yet as His fierce wrath begins with the first trumpet sounding after the breaking of the seventh seal that leads through all events of Gods seven trumpet chastisements and seven vial judgments that are warnings to those who have not repented and remain in disobedience to God. During the time of Gods fierce wrath of those who walk in disobedience He still leaves that door of repentance opened up until the time of Christ return when the door of salvation will be closed forever to those who refuse to repent.

Jesus opens the seals and proceeds to reveal their meanings to John. The first four seals are that of four horses and what their riders bring with them. The first is false Christ, second to take peace from the earth, third is famine and the fourth is death and hell as found in the grave. Notice how each one is in succession of the other from first to last as already spoken by Christ in His Olivet disclosure in Matthew 24:4-13 as being the beginning of sorrows. There have always been sorrows, but never on a Global scale that will be seen during the timing of each rider of the four horses.

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