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Jan 11, 2020
“All healing is release from the past . . . It is enough to heal the past and make the future free. It is enough to let the present be accepted as it is.” Course of Miracles
Many people have survived some form of  trauma. I believe it is important to  make an effort to heal the wounds of the past. To do this you need a multi-faceted approach. You need patience, honesty, and the Holy Spirit.
Healing the wounds of the past can be a long and drawn out process. This process begins when you accept the fact that you were traumatized. Many people are in denial about this. They don’t remember what really happened. They have blocked out the truth because it is too painful, or they see what happened to them as normal because they have nothing to compare it with. They may also dismiss the impact of the trauma prematurely because they believe God has healed them instantaneously.
Trauma is any experience which interferes with the feeling of safety and security that we need─any disruption to our...
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