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[__ Prayer __] hearing voices, part 1,000,000

Oct 23, 2010
ugh. it gets tiring. and...its also somewhat complicated. ive been targeted...by mental health ppl...and that's actually not too rare. see, back in the day, i was from a 'rinky dink middle class family' (other peoples' words) and they had good insurance on me. mix low status with good insurance and a confused 17-20 year old and what do you get? huge bills, fraud, and brain damage.

ok. so, now, im 34. i live in a small, nice place my parents were able to purchase. they were upwardly mobile. mama's retired, got her pension, and...she's outta there! seriously: I'm thankful she's retired. dad's still going strong, i think he just doesn't wanna get bored, plus he's at the tail end of his upward trajectory, etc. etc. etc...rambling...

so, ive been targeted. i pursued legal action against a psych because i got hooked on some psych drugs that were prescribed when i was in my late teens. the big, big deal (to me) was that i was then blamed for the whole thing, because...that's how 'mental patients' are really treated. if a doctor prescribes, say, xanax...and then you develop an addiction...expect more bills for 'treatment,' plus labels: 'personality disorder' (cuz that's what makes people get addicted....apparently...its shrink-logic....) and 'punishment,' in the form of draconian treatment, more toxic psych drugs, etc. blah.

so, yeah. i prolly shouldn't have pursued legal action, but i did. i wanted freedom. didn't happen then...things just got worse...but now, 6 years into my Walk with The Lord, I have freedom. i have my parents, i have my place, im even now healthy, and...God is Good, basically.

i hear voices that are replays of things that came before. when i say ive been targeted by psych ppl, i mean inside and outside of treatment. involuntary shock, involuntary brain operations (no, really), insurance fraud, confidentiality violations, and even public ridicule and humiliation. so...

last night, i heard voices, the usual stuff...replays, etc. could be real...there's a dude in my building who is openly antagonistic towards me, and i dont even know him. could be replays. could be both, of course. and so...

once again, im asking for some prayers and support, just...for my safety, my parents' safety+well being, and for an end to all the psych oppression...

Thanks. :)


Jan 15, 2018
Hi CE. You've come a long way and I'm going to pray that the voices and bad memories disappear. Also for your safety and continued good health, and for your parents too. Alwayd keep hope. God Bless.

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