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Hello am new......


Heidi Mighty Mo

Hey there! Welcome! Glad to have you here too! :biggrin



Brief profile about myself. Born and raised Catholic. Haven't been to church seriously for ~15 years. Met a non-denominal Christian who focused my will on God, and have been exploring the Catholic faith and its teachings with great enthusiasm and insatiable hunger.

I am a virologist. The arguement that made me consider God more seriously than I ever had was "what if the assumptions used to calculate the age of the earth are in error?" As a trained scientist, I had to at least concede this possibility. When I did that and allowed my questions to focus on the theological versus the scientific, I found a supernatural hunger in me that sought a better understanding of God's existence, nature, and will. This is where I am today. I have noticed amazing changes in my habit and life that I can only attribute to God's Grace.

With respect to my login, both I and Nicolaus are Polish, and both were/are scientists in one field (astronomy-- Nick) or another (virology-- me). I hope the discussions here are lively and respectful. :)


Nov 3, 2002
Welcome to the forums All-For-God and copernicus. It is nice to have both of you here. :angel:


I have a question for Copernicus. I have a friend who is not a christian but believes in God to some degree he says. He also believes in evolution to some degree too. We were at Drumheller here in Alberta Canada walking through the dinosaur museum and I couldn't help but think this is totally screwy and he couldn't help but think that I was for not believing it. My question is what references in the bible can I refer to to find some answers for this guy in regards to science? Are there any books that you know of that debate these topics and come out with faith meaning creation being the basis for all life. He wants hard facts because obviously his eyes are still in the dark. Through our discussions though it even has me questioning what I believe and why I believe it. I have wondered how scientists who base so much on logic and reasoning make that switch to hearing their hearts and turning to faith. That is my prayer for this guy!

Thanks Jen


Hey, I just found a forum on creation/evolution in here so maybe that will help too.

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