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High School Reunion

Have You Gone to Your High School Reunions?

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Dec 29, 2017
As I'm about to state in another thread, this year not only marks my Baptism date, and ten years since I have been together with my fiancée Joe, but this year also marks the year of my very first high school reunion. The only thing is that I'm not absolutely hundred percent sure that I want to go to it. I only had a small group of friends that I stayed in contact with and Joe is the only one that I still keep in contact with to till this day so I'm not really sure that it would be worth it. I probably wouldn't recognize too many people and they probably wouldn't recognize me. I have also changed quite a bit since high school and they may or may not like that about me. Especially since I have dedicated my life to serving Christ and a lot of them would still try to throw their evolution crap at me. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to offend the people that do believe in it but I couldn't even talk about Him in school let alone believe in Him. I'm not saying that the topic would come up but the last thing I want to do is get into conflict on a day that's meant for having fun especially since I hated school so much in the first place. So yeah, I don't think I will go, but I'm just really curious if there's any pros to high school reunions and if anybody here has ever gone to them. The only reason that I would even consider going is on the slight chance that I might recognize somebody that I actually liked. But I very much have my doubts on that.

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