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How Much Television Do You Let Your Children Watch?


Summer Rose (Methodist and New J.C Hammer lol)
Dec 29, 2017
As an engaged woman who wants to have children someday I'm just curious. Another member and I were discussing on another thread about how when we were children we loved using our imaginations. I still do as a matter of fact. The thing is that all children seem to care about these days is their electronic devices. Nobody really goes outside for fresh air and exercise anymore and I find that rather sad actually. I loved going outside as a kid, and I still do now. So I just wanted to ask this question to all the moms and dad's out there. How much television and screen time do you allow for your kids and how much is too much?


Jul 1, 2018
My first we did not allow television until she was almost 2. If the weather is good, we go outside before turning the tv on. We try to meet other people and make friends. We are probably a lot healthier for it. Anyway, the tv would come on if my husband wanted to watch something after getting home or if it was Friday afternoon. I ended up babysitting another child and tv was the only thing that got them to take a nap. My daughter discovered a popular kids show and she was hooked. That was a gateway because she would start begging me for the tv. In our situation right now, it is hard not to use because it is too hot outside.

To be honest, I don't like watching much tv. It is not that entertaining to me, but I uses to watch tv all the time as a kid. My husband loves watching tv, but he generally wasn't allowed to pick what was on the tv as a kid.

I honestly feel like the tv is a time snatchet fir valuable family time. If we watch movies, I do my best to make it more inquisitive. I will ask, "Was that nice what she/he just did?" Or, "What color is her dress?" Make it different so they aren't a mindless zombie. I hate how many indecent kid shows there are and I feel some of the ways graphics are can make a child irritable (cell shading, flashing frames, etc.)

Right now, she gets to pick 1 movie for the day after she plays for a little while. I aim for no more than an hour and a half. We don't like her using a screen to be entertained. It is okay for kids to be bored. Unfortunately, parents try to meet this impossible goal of always keeping their kids entertained. If they cannot find something to do without a screen then this is going to lead to bigger problems later. I do not let my oldest sit in the shopping cart while playing on a phone or tablet. She is rarely bored looking at all the sights around her in the store.

It is not easy with the tech filled world we live in, but I feel their socialization skills will be better for it.

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