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How to join the teen group

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Feb 27, 2009
To join a group, the process has changed slightly on our transition to VBulletin. Before in phpbb you could PM a Teens Group Leader and they would add you to the group. As it stands now, you can only join if you request group membership. To do so, follow these steps:
1) Click on "settings" up the top of the page.
2) Once you are in the 'usercp' on the left-hand menu scroll down until you see the "permission groups" link. Click on it.
3) On the following page there should be a number of sections. Under the section "the following groups are avaliable for you to join" Teens should be there. Click on the "join group" radio button and then the "join group" button below and you're done!
The teen group leaders will do our best to approve group requests as soon as possible.

God bless! :)
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