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I Am Seriously Heartbroken :'(


Summer Rose (Methodist and New J.C Hammer lol)
Dec 29, 2017
Although I was going to originally post this in my news thread, I figured that if there were any other Descendants fans here on the forum this is where we could all mourn the loss of Cameron Boyce who died in his sleep last night from a seizure. :crying Cameron played Carlos De'vil in the Descendants films as well as starring in the Disney channel original show Jessie.

(I never really watched that show though.) He was only twenty years old. I hope and pray that he was saved and that I'll see him again someday in Heaven. :halo He was taken from this earth WAY too soon and he played one of my favorite Descendants characters along with Dude the dog and my second favorite character Mal. R.I.P Cameron/Carlos, if there's going to be a Descendants four (the third one comes out in August) it just won't be the same without you. :sadThank you for all the laughs and memories though and I'm sure Dude (if he/she is still alive that is) will be just as heartbroken as me and the rest of your fans. I hope that you're in Heaven and playing with a bunch of different puppies now. :)

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