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I'm new here today


Dec 26, 2015
Well, if Lord willing, it sounds great! I went to Germany for a week, and it wasn't too bad, most people know some English but they also don't like that visitors are forcing them to use it in their own country where it isn't the official language. I found Turkey much harder though. We used Google Translate for basically everything, and that's a great tool, but it's also a problem because saying one simple thing can cause a big ten minute explanation to wind up wishing I hadn't said it! (You know, just small chatter that we take for granted every day).

So it sounds great! .. I'll think about it some more. What are your recommendations as a local? I am travelling not so much as a tourist, but to see what life is like in other places :)
Yeah, Germans - they're a bit uppity. Italians up in the North are very conservative and introverted. They speak German there. My husband and I were in the Dolomite Mountains a few years ago and I forgot I was in Italy! I actually asked a store clerk if they spoke English!

As you travel South, people become more and more friendly and warm toward you. As to a local....the way you want to do this, I'd try to choose a region and then travel around there and really see it. Seeing Milan, Florence, Rome and Naples isn't really seeing Italy, but I think you know that.

If you like the mountains, the Dolomites are spectacular.
For Lakes, Check out the Northern lakes: Lugano, Como, Garda, Maggiore. I like Garda the best...especially the Eastern shore. And don't miss Sirmione and WALK all the way to the end to the roman ruins. Beaches all over. Beautiful. Tuscany is always a great find. And everyone will be happy to speak English. Especially young kids that have studied.

Good luck!

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