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Instagram and Facebook blocking Christian website links


Sep 16, 2018
I am a volunteer at a non-profit Christian bible study group called biblestudyforall.org

We opened up an instagram account and started posting verse illustrations as a way to reach out to other believers and encourage people with the Word. But when we tried to link our website to the Instagram profile, we were told that the website contains unapproved material and blocked our instagram account. Same thing happened when we tried to open a Facebook page for our website.

You guys can take a look for yourself if our website contains any "inappropriate" material. We offer Bible study to anyone who desires it -- free of cost and for different types of believers. I don't understand how Facebook and Instagram can stand to do this with no justification and then give us zero response over phone, message, and email.

This is discrimination at its best. This is outrageous that those who are trying to use the internet in a legal, non-harmful way are still being discriminated against. The devil has really captured this evil world...

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