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Is 'Solidarity' The Same As Witnessing?


Feb 23, 2009
The simple and confident answer to this, however, is to tell them that you have the preserved Bible, the KJV, which is completely without error and can be traced all the way back to the earliest manuscripts we know of, including the Dead Sea Scrolls. When Muslims come to realize that God has, indeed, preserved His words, confidence in the Bible is restored and they are far more apt to listen to what you have to say.
The Quran is nearly a thousand years older than the KJV, and still in its original language, so it is unlikely a Muslim would be convinced by your assertion.


Jul 4, 2016
The word is powerful. I watched something about how the KJV is more accurate than other translations and how some verses had been removed from newer versions. I've got 3 versions. KJV, NIV and ESV. You can go to blueletterbible.com if you want to start looking at the original translations of things and getting caught up. I think you reach out to Muslims in the same way you reach out to any lost person, you appreciate and love them where they're at and share God's word where possible. Prayer is an equally powerful weapon as we fight for the souls of the lost. Anyone who isn't under the blood of Christ can be moved by Satan and come against us, we need to remain vigilant but at the same time trust God is working. Evil will always be thwarted but sometimes it takes longer than we'd like.

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