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Music Ministries...anyone interested?



Hello everyone, I am just here to let everyone know about my boyfriend, Jason. God gave him amazing musical talents..he can play guitar, bass and drums very well..he strives to be in a band..he was for over a year..but they disbaned several months back..they were a Christian ministry, and they were getting close to really getting out in the open and had the potential to be well known...Jason just wants to be in a band, (rock, preferably, and a have it be a ministry of course) he wants to be in a band for a living, and to have that to support us whenever we get married. I know that God gave him those talents for a reason..and I think he truly took a giant leap of faith by turning down college to pursue his love of music for his living. That is definitely trusting God unconditionally. But anyways...I have no idea, the chances are most likely slim...but is there anyone on this board from Indiana, around Indianapolis maybe, or just in Indiana wanting something similar out of life? Jason is 21 also by the way...anyways, if by some amazing chance something from here wants to be in a Christian rock ministry for a living, please contact me at : kadeisapunkrawkshow@hotmail.com . But hey, if no one here is looking for that, I just ask to keep his dreams and above all God's will for him, and our future in your prayers. It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time.



Feb 17, 2004
Have you two talked to your pastor or minister about your plans?

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