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Light in darkness
Staff member
Apr 22, 2011

word can be literal and Spiritual as in the case of the wedding in
The wedding represents the Spiritual being the union between Jesus and his
bride whom are the children of God through repentance. Jesus brings his
disciples to the wedding to show them the wonders of God through the renewal of
his Spirit. I want you to see the relationship we have between the old self in
the flesh and the new Spiritual rebirth in Christ. We are called the bride of
Christ and I could not find any better example of this as in the story of the
first wedding Jesus attended with his disciples, (Ref: John 2:1-11).

word marriage represents our relationship with Jesus. We are called the bride
of Christ which means when we become Spiritually born again or renewed in our
spirit we become one in the Spirit that is in Christ and have communion with
his life, death and resurrection. We are...

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