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Jethro Bodine

Oct 31, 2011
Anyone who does not confess the coming of Jesus Christ in the flesh is the antichrist. How does this fit with your belief that there is a singular antichrist known as the man of lawlessness.
The man of lawlessness will NOT be confessing Jesus Christ (in fact, he will be setting himself up as God). He is by definition, as even you must agree, an anti-christ. He will deny both the Father and the Son.

Even though there are many anti-christs in the world, even at the time of John, he is anti-christ to come (as opposed to the many that are in the world already).

How do you know that the man of lawlessness represents one person and not a dominion?
He is an eighth king who presides over a coming world kingdom known in the prophetic visions as the fourth beast.

You see what you want to see apparently.
What I see is 'antichrist' as opposed to 'many antichrists'. He's contrasting the many now with antichrist to come--not many antichrists to come, even though we, and John, know there are many to come--but 'antichrist' to come. He's obviously not talking about the many antichrists to come in history, but a particular antichrist.
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