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Photographs old ft.pierce


Mar 11, 2014
i will be presenting more photos of old ft.pierce and tying it into vero history. the sunrise theatre. the straw that broke the camel's back . the current sheriff in 1925, would under orders from the county to shut down and enforce blue laws, and ignore that the sunrise theatre was open on sunday for mantanees. they came to town and arested the state legislator who was in the theatre running and charged him, this was an outrage and he with a few others then traveled to tallahasee and pushed for the creation of the county i reside.
the water meters are style from(the boxes) are based on 1911 designs, i do have a photo of the box of one that is in vero of that time with a date. ft.pierce had its power and water grid up before vero and i will post an depression era photo of the theatre and bank.
a model t, i imagine when they started building and modernizing the streets here, these were common. the city and its older lay out go back to 1901, it wasnt uncommon to have woodframe and even concrete buildings replace or worked into bigger uses, a bank i have photographed is such a case and house that is from 1915 was moved from that location where the very builder lived. it was moved across from it and then to where it is now.
the current st.lucie bank , it was incorporated in 1908 and closed in 1974 or close, last report is is not used and im not sure if another bank was there and it was tied to oslo, where i live. by the name hallstrom. i will research that.

the theater was opened in 1923, the florida theatre(vero theatre originally 1921)