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Planting Seeds


Feb 17, 2004

I made about 17 posts already and thought, I may as well say howdy and let you know I hope stick around for awhile. :biggrin

This board is so big and there are so many topic from which to choose. It is difficult to just stick to one Thread.

I look forward to the communicating with you all. Just want to let you know that someitmes I only post one message in a week and at other times you'll see me post a whole bunch in the course of a couple of days. And then at times, If I don't show up for a few days it's only because I'm taking a break from the computer. I have a difficult time sticking to routine. :wink:

I hope to get you know you all better. Thanks all of you that have already responded to some of the messages that I posted. I appreciate your input. :) I'll do my best to participate in responding the the topics that have little or no replies. I think it important to at least respond with one message to a person instead of ignoring them completely. I noticed lots of 0 replies. I'll be a contributor to helping respond. I know it is a huge job for the hand full of moderators to keep up with all the people that drop by and then they never show up again. :roll: Maybe I can help out, that is, if you don't mind :o I don't mean to barge right in, but I just post when I feel the urge to do so. Besides, I'm looking for a good forum in which the interest is kept alive. :)

chow :bday:

Your friend in Christ,




Nov 3, 2002
Welcome to the forums Relic. Feel free to barge right in :lol:

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