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Progress in Recovery


Jan 11, 2020
Recovery from addiction is a process. It does not happen overnight and it does not happen without the help of the Holy Spirit. Recovery means changing . . .

The Process of Changing

Changing includes both outer modifications of behavior and an inner shift in values and thinking patterns. The changes you make will be based on insights you’ve gained. When you are ready to change, you should do the easier things first to build up your confidence and then other changes will follow. Success builds upon success. Sometimes inner changes come from outer changes, and sometimes outer changes are a by-product of inner changes.

Here are some suggestions and techniques to help you make changes. I’ll elaborate on these in the rest of the book:

• Recognize when you do something you don’t want to do. Dwell on this for as long as you need to. Continued awareness is the beginning of change.

• Break down the changes you want to make into manageable pieces. You can make a list if you want.

• Identify and make a list of alternative behaviors.

• Substitute a good habit for a bad one.
• Give yourself encouragement. Use affirmations.

• Seek advice and help from others.

• Join a support group.

• Make a commitment to a friend or support group; verbalization can really help.

• Avoid companions who don’t support you.
• Find role models who exhibit the changes you want to make and observe them for as long as you need to.

• Remember: Action leads to motivation leads to more action.

• Don’t forget that changing is a process; it takes time. Be patient.

• Avoid negative attitudes that inhibit change. The glass is half full not half empty.

• Visualize the results; become goal oriented.

• Work on building your self-esteem.

• If you are a spiritual or religious person and believe in grace, divine intervention, or the power of prayer, then by all means pray for the energy and willingness to take action.

Don’t give up, even is change is slow in coming. If you continue to incorporate these techniques into your life, they will help you change.

Progress Not Perfection

Changing is a slow process. You have to learn the art of accepting failure while still pushing forward to the next milestone. Accepting failure is easy if you are humble. Humble people understand they are not perfect and that failure is part of who they are. They also re-frame failure and see it as a legitimate part of the learning curve. I, for one, have learned more from my failures than my successes.

When I first experienced the emotional high of being able to change, I assumed I could speed up the process and get rid of all my problems overnight. I started reading virtually every self-help book on the market and really trying hard to be a new person. However, soon I had to face the fact that changing takes time. Improvements come very slowly and are often painstaking.

Today, I’m still changing, and the process is still slow, but I continue to think positive thoughts and wait for that little push from within to do something different. I have weathered some relapses and more times than I care to count crawled back to what they call in 12-step programs “the road of happy destiny.” However, I’ve never given up the notion that I am on a journey and should always be moving forward.

Most of all, I can truly say that today I am not the person I was when I started my metamorphosis twenty-one years ago, and that, God willing, I will always be pushing forward—changing. For it is by changing that I get closer to being the person God always meant for me to be.

The Art of Changing, Susan Peabody


Jul 28, 2020
• Avoid negative attitudes that inhibit change. The glass is half full not half empty.
Looking at the glass as half full, is seeing the blessing as on the way, and looking at the glass as half empty is looking at the problem as still existent and being driven to sort out the issue. There can be good on both sides and bad on both sides.