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Bible Study Psalm 46:10


Lost in Sin!

I would like to look at simply being still before God.

My Scripture is Psalm 46:10:

""Be still, and know that I am God;
I will be exalted among the nations,
I will be exalted in the earth."

BE STILL. How hard those words seem to us. We are always so busy! There never seems to be enough time to just sit quietly & listen to the stillness. I have found that it is the stillnes that allows me to focus in on what God wants me to say. It is the stillness that helps me focus in on Him.

BE STILL. We have to take time out to listen to the stillness, because it is in this stillness, that God IS! He wants us to just be still, marvel at who He is, what He means to each one of us. To reflect upn that which He & He alone wants us to do, of how we can more effectivly serve Him. He wants us to know that HE IS GOD. That everything that He & He alone has created, exists for a purpose-to glorify Him. That is the sole purpose of us being here in the first place! The reason that we are here may not always seem clear, but if we are just sitting still, & trusting God to speak to us about why he wants us to the the things that He wants us to do-He will reveal Himself to us! We may not always receive the answers right away, but we know-WE KNOW-that God never does anything without a reason. He has a purpose for everything! He never lets anything happen randomlly. God has everything under absolute control. But we must just be still. We must just stop for a minute, & just ask our Lord to reveal His will to us.

BE STILL. Just to feel the prescense of God. To know that He IS there. To know that he HASN'T desserted us. To know that He still loves us. To know that there is indeed a purpose for everything that He & He alone leads us to create. To let us know the things that He & He alone leads us to do on a daily basis. For Him to let us know that these things serve a purpose. To let us know that people are being blesed by what we do! But we first must be still before Him, & to let Him speak to us, & not have us do all the talking.

AND KNOW THAT I AM GOD. God is God. The creator of everything. Nothing exists that He did not create. God has given us all we need to praise & glorify Him. Everything that we create-God has a purpose for.

God WILL speak to us. But we must GIVE Him the chance to do so! He wants us to come before Him with our concerns, yes-but He want to have the chance to talk with us as well. We wait for you, Lord Jesus. We wait for You.

Be Blessed.

Bill :)