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Bible Study Recommendations and Guidelines for an effective Bible Study

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Nov 4, 2004
Recommendations and Guidelines for an effective Bible Study

Though not exhaustive, I thought it might help to better define the purpose of the Bible Study Forum, and by doing so, better assist one another with a clearer method to understanding God’s word.


1. Scripture is the basis of study. Stay close to the text.
2. Keep your post to a manageable length where others can respond to a section of scripture as opposed to an entire article.
3. We encourage your understanding of a text. If you wish to post snipits from a website, please make sure it accompanies your comments of the text. Excessive copy / paste from web sites are frowned upon.
4. If you disagree with an interpretation of scripture, think out your response according to the specific text and post accordingly.
5. No debating doctrines or denominational differences. (E.G. TULIP, OSAS, Purgatory, Papacy etc)

The following considerations are suggested to assist in our study of Holy Scripture. This method utilizes an instructional and comprehensive approach

1. Exegesis; Critical explanation or analysis, especially of a text. (I.E. What does the text mean?)
2. Hermeneutics; The theory and methodology of interpretation, especially of scriptural text. (I.E. How did you come to the conclusion of your Exegesis? Does it agree with the Bible as a whole?)
3. Redaction; to draw up or frame ( I.E. a statement, proclamation, etc.)


Thank you for your participation!
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