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Red Wings...what the Stars wish they were



The Stars are in a money-saving mode now and going with a bit of a youth movement and haven't looked very good this season.

They played the gracefully aging wings tonight and Steve Y. nearly got a hat trick. Wings have speed, size and attitude. Stars have none of the above.

Gonna be a long season here in Texas.

Best wishes to the Red Wings this season.

But what's the deal with the two $6-8 million goalies? They said cujo was starting in the AHL tonight...what's up with that?


- They lost their best player via free agency.
- They lost their "tough guy" defenseman for the season who was supposed to protect and free up Lidstrom.
- Hasek looks rusty...or maybe he is just too old.
- Cujo is a distraction.
- Legace isn't playing great either.
- Fischer isn't impressing.
- Shanahan looks old.
- Yzerman IS old and is playing on one leg.
- Chelios is old, slow AND senile.
- Hull is still slowly chugging along, but he can't carry a team anymore.
- McCarty doesn't scare anyone. Just ask Bryce Salvador or Jamal Mayers.
- Dave Lewis is no Scotty Bowman.
- Their defense & goaltending, so far, looks to have been overrated by many. They have allowed the 2nd most goals in the NHL (36) and have a team GAA of about 3.00. The only other team with more GA is Phoenix (37). (the Blues on the other hand are 7th in goals allowed with 24, and are missing half of their defensemen due to injury)

Now, with all of this said, Detroit has a ton of veterans and a couple talented youngsters...so they could turn it around quickly...but it's fun watching them suck right now.

Spoken by a Blues fan! :lol:

Edited to include picture:


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