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Rick W

Please review the following agreement for the use of this forum.

In an effort to maintain some civility in the Christianity and Science Forum the following shall apply.

In addition to the basic rules of our Terms of Service, we have clarified and intend to enforce the following guidelines below. We require and expect each and every member who is granted access to the Christianity and Science Forum to agree and adhere to these guidelines:

1- Any URL that is posted that leads to a page that is of anti-Christian content, or of such content that is offending or disturbing to other board users the URL will be removed. This removal and decision for removal will be done so at the discretion of the christianforums.net Staff.

2- Respect each other's opinions. Address issues, not persons, personalities or groups.

Groups are to include evolutionists, creationists, old earthers etc. and will be under the same rules governing behavior between members. Insults, belittlement, degradation or other derogatory language conveyed in any fashion toward these groups is disallowed.

3- No Bashing of other members. Give other members the respect you would want them to give yourself.

4- No ad hominem attacks. Again, address ideas, not people.

5- No Trolling. You will not post anything that disrupts the peace and harmony of this forum. Don't make inflammatory remarks just to get a response. This will also include posts that put down Christianity in general or any posts considered as blasphemy by staff (this is a CHRISTIAN FORUMS site).

6- For the believers: To not give a seeker or unbeliever an honest answer, or an honest attempt at an answer, is to not respect them as persons, as persons created in the image of God.

7- For those who may not be believers: To not respect our beliefs is to not respect us as persons, as persons created in the image of God.

8- Christianforums.net users are responsible for taking the time to read the Terms of Service. Users are asked to periodically review the Terms of Service for any updates that are posted. It is your responsibility to periodically check the rules and make yourself aware of any changes.

9- You should always view content on the forums as a public forum. All posted conversations are logged and are the property of christianforums.net and may be used for the basis of investigative or disciplinary action at the discretion of the Administrators.

10- Christianforums.net reserves the right to respond to the violation of any of the above Terms of Service with any of the responses available to our Staff at it's sole discretion. Furthermore, any action taken against offenders and their status within the community is considered private and confidential and will not be shared with the public. Christianforums.net also reserves the right to remove any content which is considered to be disruptive to the Community, at the sole discretion of christianforums.net Staff.

The Staff of christianforums.net are authorized to use all available action in dealing with violations to these rules. These actions include locking someone's account, blocking someone's ability to post in Forums, editing someone's post in Forums, completely erasing someone's post in Forums, and banning someone from entering the community in anyway. In addition repeated severe violations may result in a report being generated with one's Internet Service Provider.

We are under no obligation to explain our decision concerning access to the Science Forum, editing or deleting of posts.

Thank you
The Christian Forums Staff
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