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Seeking Him Above All Else


Dec 28, 2008
“Seeking Him Above All Else”
By Zach Wood
Matthew 6:33 NLT
Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need.

We all seek a lot of different things in life, don’t we?

We seek to find a good paying job.
We seek to find a good house to live in.
We seek to find a good school for our kids to attend.
We seek to find a church that we can call home.
We seek to find good deals on products that buy.
We seek attend a great college where we can further our education.
We seek to find a mate whom we can spend our lives with.

We also seek a lot of other things in life. The list could go on and on as to what we seek to find each day of our lives. Sometimes, we look and look for days, months or even years to find a good deal on whatever it is we are hunting for. It always seems we are seeking something. We are always on a hunt for either something better that we want or getting something we need. We want to bargain shop and get the best deals for the lowest prices. My wife and I are totally like that! We thrive on finding great deals and good bargains!

I cannot help but to think about all the time and energy that we put into seeking different things in life and often how little time we really invest seeking the Kingdom of God. I know in my own life I often find myself seeking after a lot of things that don’t really seem to benefit my walk with God. Not that they are bad things, but they just don’t really benefit my spiritual growth and I waste time on them.

Jesus teaches on the importance of seeking the Kingdom of God. He not only teaches on the importance of seeking God, but rather seeking Him above all else. That’s the clincher! We need to ask ourselves what we are seeking most in life. It isn’t that seeking things is bad, but if we are constantly seeking things and not ultimately seeking what pleases God, then we’ve got issues. Do we find ourselves waking up in the morning and then spending our day seeking tons of different things that don’t benefit our spiritual growth? I think we all do much more than we want to admit.

I want to seek God’s Kingdom more than anything. I am trying each day to do this, in whatever ways I can. I want to find ways that I can seek Him and praise Him in everything I do. He gives me everything I need, so why wouldn’t I seek Him ultimately? This is my heart’s desire. Seeking Him above all else. We all need to make it our desire to seek Him and His Kingdom above everything else that matters in our lives. He needs to come first, always.


Light in darkness
Staff member
Apr 22, 2011
If we are not seeking the kingdom of God and His righteousness then we are seeking after self and our own righteousness, which is a filthy rag to God. God's timing is always perfect for our hearts desires as He knows what we need before we even ask Him.

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