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Simple Bible Reader / Converter



Simple Bible Reader / Converter is aimed to be simple, yet a powerful reader and converter to support and convert from/to all available bible formats. The software is developed with an intention of being portable and faster loading, that does not have any dependencies on the user system. It is also developed to bridge the gap between multiple Bible softwares, so that a user can choose his favorite Bible software and import / export his favorite Bible translation through this software. The software allows you to import and export from / to any supported Bible format. Please note that the file is highly compressed and it will take a while to start on slower computers.

Supported Bible formats:
  • Executable Bibles
  • Zefania XML Bibles
  • The Unbound Bible (Unmapped-BCV, Mapped-BCVS, Unmapped-BCVS)
  • Open Scripture Information Standard (OSIS), General Bible Format (GBF)
  • XML Scripture Encoding Model (XSEM)
  • The Word Bible Modules (ONT, ONTX, OT, OTX, NT and NTX)
  • e-Sword Bible Modules (BBL, BBLX)
  • Unified Scripture Format XML (USFX)
  • The SWORD Project, Verse Per Line (VPL)
  • Go Bible
  • Theological Markup Language (ThML)
  • Open Song Bibles (XMM)
  • OpenLP.org Bibles
  • Bible Companion (BIB)
  • MySword for Android
  • Bible Analyzer (BIB)
Supported Commentary formats:
  • XML Format
  • SWORD Commentary Modules (ZIP)
  • The Word (cmt.twm)
  • e-Sword 8.x (BBL)
  • e-Sword 9.x (BBLX)
  • MySword for Android
Supported Dictionary formats:
  • Zefania Dictionary Format (XML)
  • SWORD Dictionary Modules (ZIP)
  • The Word (dct.twm)
  • e-Sword 8.x (DCT)
  • e-Sword 9.x (DCTX)
  • MySword for Android
Download / Website: Simple Bible Reader / Converter

Please let me know by posting below if you face any bugs/issues or contact me. Also, let me know if you require any Bible format for a software/mobile app to be supported.


Simple Bible Reader 1.10 Released

Release Notes:
  • Support for BibleAnalyzer commentaries and dictionaries.


Re: Simple Bible Reader 1.11 Released

Release Notes:
  • Support for e-Sword Topics and The Word Books.
  • Better text support for RVF based The Word modules.
  • It looks like unencrypted modules are no longer supported by e-Sword 10.1.0 released on 8-Mar-2012. Modifications were made to Simple Bible Reader to accomodate this change. i.e, encrypting the module exactly how e-Sword expects.


Re: Simple Bible Reader 1.12 Released

Release Notes:
  • Support for the SWORD Project Books.
  • Support for the BibleAnalyzer Books.
  • Support for the MySword for Android Books.

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