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Spy Spotter


Nov 30, 2004
When I was experiencing spam from program I had downloaded, I came across this program to detect spy ware and accidentally downloaded it. It gave me more problems than without it. It was blocking everything and sending me constant messages.

After painstaking effort, I managed to get it off my computer by unistalling it, searching for files and deleting them and emptying my recycle bin.

The problem is that when I restart my computer, it still manages to stop ActiveX from doing something. It just sends a pop up and a brief flicker of the icon on the tool bar and then there is nothing. It doesn't interfere with anything and even though I have searched for files, Spy Spotter has ceased to exist in any form.

And yet, it seems to be still there in some form.



Sounds like the software left what I call bread crumbs. :x I so hate those.

Here is a freeware application that will help dig those out and remove many of them. I have been using for 2 years. Has saved my computers a few times. I have it on my home and office PC.

If you want to know more about if just Google it with the word reviews and you'll get several hits.

CCleaner http://www.ccleaner.com just leave it at the default settings till you get to know what all is doing as you learn to use it.

After you clean then reboot.

And if looking for a anti adware/spyware application that works in the background that is quite effective check out SpywareBlaster. It has a very good reputation out there. I have used it on my computers for 3 years now.


a great thing to do to help find anythign running about it would be "autoruns" from http://www.sysinternals.com

IT is a TAD bit more advanced than other simple cleaners, However, if you just go through and delete anything that has to do with the program or is signed by that programs maker, you should be set.(also very useful in stopping other stupid things)