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"Street preaching"


Mar 30, 2003
"Street preaching" is an ancient practice going back to the prophets of the Old Testament. In the New Testament, our Lord Jesus Christ proclaimed his glorious message in the "open-air," speaking plainly to the common man. The Book of Acts records the early Church obeying the command of the Saviour to go into all the world and preach the Gospel. Church History reveals that our forefathers brought the glad tidings of the Gospel to those outside their church buildings. We seek to carry on this biblical practice in these last days.


Pearly Gator

Back in the '70's I had my first encounter with a street preacher. I was coming out of a Black Sabbath concert one night and there was this guy outside, shouting about how we all needed Jesus and he was handing out Bibles. I will never forget his face and I'm looking forward to meeting him in heaven.


I would love to street preach, but I'm very shy by nature. It's hard for me to even hand tracts to people...That's on reason for starting my website http://www.theyoungearth.com, it's something I can kinda do behind the scenes

Any advice for how to overcome my shyness and just get out there and preach?

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