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Aug 16, 2015
I personally don't know why people get them...

But many do.

I know that they are expensive going on...done by poor artists it's horrible. If you are inebriated (when most get them) the ink spreads prematurely and the tattoo will look bad.
A few get them to help hide scars...but tattooing scars is really difficult.
Some get them to remember children or spouses or "Mom" (as if they would forget?)
Then there's the ever popular Tramp Stamp which is actually ancient Sumerian and relates what is written above the gates to Hell.

Hidden above short sleeves or on a leg that even business-casual won't show is the best location. Because doing otherwise will not work for some careers and most people usually have to trade careers at least once.

Coming off is even more expensive. A $200 tattoo will regularly cost $2400 or more to remove.