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Teen introductory thread

Blazin Bones

Oct 6, 2004
I wanted to make a thread for teens to give shout outs to other teens, and to introduce themselves.


Hey everyone, I am new hear and my name is Randi (and i am a girl) I play soccer and love god more than life. my favorite color is pink!


I'm a newbie too, my name's Tara (I'm also a girl) People may think differently because of my sig (I have an odd brother, him giving me girl advise when i'm a girl!) But that's Johm for ya!


Hi! I already introduced myself in the other forum, but that's okay. You can call me Roberto George if you want, and I'm 13.


In case anyone doesn't know, I'm GundamZero, but you can call me GundamZero if you want. I'm 16, and I like.........this emiticon- :smt059 .
I've been here for a while.


Hey, I'm Ben, you can call me just about anything you want to. I was bored one day and the forums that I normaly go to were down, so I joined here. I won't be that active, but I will try to pop in from time to time...

and I like this emoticon :smt117


Hello. I already posted in the other forum, but what the heck. My name is not Erulaeriel, but that's all you're going to get at the moment. ;P

I'm 16, I'm of the female persuasion, in 10th grade and I've been homeschooled all my life. People have often informed me, however, that "My goodness! You're homeschooled!? I never would have guessed... I mean, you're like, normal dude." Yaaah.

I try very hard to make God the most important part of my life and I absolutely have no desire to know what I'd be like without him. I enjoy singing, reading, eating ice cream, talking to friends and various other things.

Oh, and um, I don't particularly have an affinity to any of those yellow smily things which are sitting there staring at me. o.o Gah.


The Christian Masta has arrived!

How's life treating u all? Hopefully all iz well with u all. I'm another newbie. My name is Roumaine. I'm 18, black, & living n Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I don't have any siblings, but I have plenty of cousins 2 make up 4 that. I live with both of my parents, who will be celebrating 15 years of marriage n August. I have tons of relatives across the country like Dallas, Houston, Kansas City, Atlanta, & many other places. If you'd love 2 know more about me, feel free 2 contact me. My main e-mail addresses are ChristianMasta1024@gmail.com & Christian_Masta_1024@walla.com. I'm always lookin 4 new Christian friends all the time, so don't hesitate 2 write me back.


hey i just joined like monday the 13 and im really glad that there is a place for us teens to come and talk bout our walk with Christ


Hey, I'm 15 a male and live in New York. I love listening to music, working out, and playing paintball. Iv'e been reading through some of the forum topics and found this place to be very encouraging so I joined.

BTW - These forums are awesome keep up the good work all you Admins/Moderators :wink: .


well hey up britannia and all that stuff!!!
i'm tim
i'm 17
id like to set up a diving school........somewhere hot.......with a nice sea.............and rich stupid people who pay me millions for doing zilch!!


Wow, I never noticed this thread before. I've been here for quite a few months now (although, I haven't been very active) but I'll introduce myself anyway. :)

I'm Faith. I'll be 17 in a couple of weeks and am 3/4's the way through grade 11. For many different reasons I have decided to study grade 12 part time, which means over two years. In that time I will also work, saving up for a Christian College I hope to one day study Counselling at.

Some other hobbies of mine are spending time with my beautiful Father God, lovely family and wonderful friends, attending my church and youth group, reading God's AWESOME Word for me, listening and encouraging people (especially spiritually), collecting small, random but very fun cool little toys to send off in Showboxes of love, singing, playing the piano and writing my own songs. I also love forums sites, journalling, watching a good clean movie, getting to know new people and so on.

I look forward to getting to know you all. Have a blessed weekend everyone. :biggrin


Hey! I'm Joey (I'm a girl) I joined this forum yesterday.
I'm from England.
Hey everyone!!!!!!! :) :) :) :) :) :) :)


I'm James,
I'm 15, Non-Christian and from Perth West Australia.
I take interest in Religion, politics and history.
I respect religions, other cultures and other people, as i love to learn more about them.
Umm, i have a boyfriend, his name's Oska, he's really nice.
I like Music, my favourite band is Placebo.
And yeah, that's all =)
You guys seem really cool.
Oh, and i have green hair.

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