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The blonde and the television

Aug 9, 2012
A blond walks into a hardware store, gravitates to the household section and spots an item she wants, but there is no price tag.

She goes to the cashier at the front of the store and asks, "How much is that television set back there in household goods?"

The cashier sneers, says "We don't serve blondes here, get out."

Miffed but stunned, the blonde leaves. But her treatment by the cashier makes her mad, so she gets out the Clairol, dyes her hair black and goes back to the store and again asks," How much is that television set back there in household good?"

Again the clerk is curt with her and says, "I told you, we don't serve blondes here! Get out!"

Well, now she's really upset, so she goes home, grabs one of her husband's suits out of the closet, pins it up on the inside so it looks tailored on her (and hides her curves), gets his hat off the top shelf, tucks her hair up underneath and, looking a reasonable facsimile of a man, returns to the hardware store to ask, in the deepest, gruffest voice she can manage, "How much is that television set back there in household good?"

Yet again, the clerk treats her rudely, saying simple, "GET OUT!"

The blonde loses it. She screams, "How dare you throw me out of the store repeatedly! Why do you not want my business? And how did you know it was me this time?"

The clerk listens to the tirade and states simply, "I can still smell your perfume, most guys wear socks and oxfords with a suit, not a pair of high heels ... and oh yeah, that 'television set' is a microwave!"