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There is a place where all our time is at hand a division line drawn, which side to stand?


Jan 6, 2020
There is a place where all our time is at hand
A division line drawn, which side to stand?
The entropy accelerates, the common sense apparently gone
There is talk of going to another planet before Mankind corrects what is wrong
Do they really think their sin and judgement won’t follow them where ever mankind goes
Do they think that they are without blemish the crown of what mankind sows
Wasn’t pride the reason given of why Lucifer’s fell?
With society hooked for years on the moving image, voice and spell
Oh how we love our artificial light and life and hold it high
While all that is good and natural in the world withers and dies
It seems most everyone here is okay with what plans they made and will enforce
They have been given many warnings a yet majority stays on this course
Soon they won’t need us all, their plan we blindly created and bragged it was the best
Pestilences from the air, famine, and disease bring down a large number of the rest
Too busy to set their houses in order
Too busy becoming technology comfort hoarders
We were originally suppose to look after our world and all its life
Instead we filled our cups with pride, conflict and strife
With no one left but ourselves to blame
One more selfie for faceb__k with the background, our world in a flame