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Toy Story 4 (Spoilers Ahead)


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Dec 29, 2017
Alright so I just got back from the movie theaters a little while ago and I have to say although I thought it was good, it just didn't quite stack up to the other Toy Stories in my opinion. The first three were all ten out of ten and amazing,.. this one I just gave a seven out of ten as it was just simply average. :neutral

In the first Toy Story Sid and Scud were the villains, in the second one Stinky Pete the prospector was (as well as Zurg),.. in the third was Lotso Huggin Bear,.. this one,.. it didn't really have a villain and villains are part of what makes a story interesting. Unless of course you're counting Bonnie who is the little girl that Andy gave his toys to at the end of the third film. It's also where Andy asks Bonnie to take really good care of Woody and his other toys. Well apparently Bonnie has forgotten her promise to Andy because she doesn't even realize that Woody decided to leave her to go live with Bo. (Which anybody who has seen the first three Toy Story films will understand that it is completely out of Woody's character.)

Also Buzz and Jessie officially got together at the end of the third film but it wasn't even acknowledged that the two of them even knew that they were in the same room together in this one. Which that really disappoints me because I was really hoping to get a Woody and Bo and a Buzz and Jessie kiss at some point in this movie since they both make really cute couples. :sad And if Bo's change of wardrobe was ever explained then I must have missed it. (Along with a so called Lesbian scene.)

Finally the last issue that I have with this movie and as a diehard Toy Story fan and a diehard Mr. Potato Head fan, I am really disappointed of how little dialogue he had in this movie considering the fact that it was made such a big deal of from all the old unused dialogue that they had of Don Rickles before he passed and I really thought that they would have a lot more. :nonono So was this film absolutely one hundred percent perfect? No it wasn't not by a longshot. Not enough laughs either.

It had a good story but I think Bo and Gabby- Gabby were what made it work the most and I found myself more emotionally involved with them and their stories then at the end where Woody leaves his friends behind. I nearly cried but I didn't cry like I did at the end of third one which was already a perfect ending if you ask me. This film was unnecessary to what was already a perfect ending to the franchise but it was enjoyable all the same. :) I'm not holding any high hopes for a Toy Story 5 though,.. or at least a successful Toy Story 5.

Oh yeah and one other thing that I need to add is that Buzz's and Woody's inner voice/conscience from their voice boxes just didn't seem to fit because since there were three previous films already then why is it suddenly being brought up now? :/

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