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Trailer for Michael Moore's "Fahrenheit 9/11"



I agree, it looks really good. I plan on seeing it in theaters.

I enjoyed Bowling for Columbine too.

Arnold Philips

I will see it too, but I have a core distaste for Moore, since his job is to mislead me. Don't get me wrong, I think that Bush & Co. are rotten jackasses, but I don't think Moore deals honestly with his facts. The part at the end, where Bush says, "Now watch this drive," gets me prety livid. Then again, just seeing his beady eyes and proud smirk make me livid.


I am more in like with Arnold. I have a severe distaste for Michael Moore's misleading and dishonest tactics. I saw his appearance on David Letterman the other night and Dave kept asking if someone could refute his points in the film- each time he was asked he didn't answer it. I absolutely loathed Bowling For Columbine (I downloaded it so as to not give a single penny to the man to be honest). His tactics border on harrassment and really aren't logical.

However I will see the film to educate myself as to what the other side is saying/thinking as the election approaches.

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