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Bible Study Warning Against Slothfulness


Sep 18, 2012
That is a very well written article and an even greater confirmation through the scriptures of Hebrews 6 about the importance of pressing forward into our relationship and our knowledge of God. It pays to do a study with the help of the blueletterbible on this chapter of scripture and especially the word, slothful.

And your post on this subject is very timely and was enlightening to me. Though I have read the entire Bible front to back a few times, this passage has never jumped out to me in such a way that it has today, after reading it and I know that it did become a part of me having read it before, because I have spoken of before in my posts here on the same subject of pressing in and the importance of it. I can not write that well as that article was written about it, but this subject and scripture is a very worthy matter to ponder and study upon. Good post and subject Brother!

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