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What Do You Guys Think About This Movie?


Summer Rose (Methodist and New J.C Hammer lol)
Dec 29, 2017

On one hand I do believe that it's unrealistic since Jesus didn't perform miracles as a child, but yet on the other hand it's a lot more realistic on what could have been the childhood of Jesus than "A Child Called Jesus "and I still actually enjoyed watching it.
Feb 4, 2018
I haven't seen it. It doesn't seem that the people he grew up around had unusual experiences of him or incredible expectations for him. When He returned to Nazareth teaching they asked "Isn't this the carpenter's son?" as if surprised to see Him in the role of one who could speak and preach authoritatively. Seems to me if He had displayed evidence of being God's Son growing up the townsfolk would not have been incredulous.
His own siblings seemed unprepared to see Him in the ministry He began at thirty.

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