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What U think of the Left Behind Movie?


Aug 27, 2001
I saw it awhile ago and didn't like it all that much. It is not really biblical and seemed poorly done.


I think most christian movies, except for a few big hits like Prince of Egypt, suck pretty bad. Not because it's christian, but there juist seems to be something missing. All of the movies dealing with Tribulation are pretty boring, and it's like watching the same movie, over and over with just changed names,.


I think Christian movies (I haven't found an exception yet) are not very good movies and will continue to be very poor movies until the filmmakers stop trying to answer every single question, objection, or anything that could leave someone with any thought that was not intended by the filmmakers to begin with.

The idea I am expressing here is an idea known as 'subtlety'. Bad movies don't use it. Good movies do (by good I mean 'well-made', by bad I mean 'poorly made'). Great movies let the viewer discover and ponder for themselves the true meaning of the piece instead of hitting them over the head with an idea or the meaning. I'll go more indepth later if anyone would care to further speak on this topic.


Left Behind

Visual art has always captured my attention. Virtually any medium can be used to express deep emotions and evoke the senses. Growing up in a Christian home, I remember a circa-1970s painting that hung on our basement wall. In it Jesus was the focal point, high in the sky in a white robe with arms outstretched. Peace reigned in the spiritual bodies of Christians that had "died and gone before" as their bodies were being caught up in the air. Peace too for Christians still alive, meeting the long awaited bridegroom of the church. But for those left behind, it was pandemonium: grizzly auto accidents and complete chaos.

Without a doubt, the future events of The Rapture and Great Tribulation are immensely popular with Christian film producers. The 70's and early 80s brought us Mark IV's classics A Thief in the Night, A Distant Thunder, Image of the Beast and The Prodigal Planet. In 1981 there was Early Warning and Years of the Beast. In the 90's Future Tense (1990), then years later The Gathering, End of the Harvest, and The Moment After. Cloud Ten Pictures hit the CBA bestseller list with their releases Apocalypse, Revelation and Tribulation. TBN's The Omega Code finished out 1999 with a surprisingly strong box-office presence.

Is there a market for this? Definitely. The producers behind Left Behind know it and are committed to getting that message to Hollywood. The Lalonde brothers (one of whom became a Christian due to an evangelistic film) have spent an unprecedented 17.4 million dollars on the film version of Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins runaway best seller Left Behind. Fans of the book may have mixed feelings. While the plot, atmosphere and most details of the book remain unchanged, there are some differences between the book and film. But keep in mind the fact that there is simply no way of putting a 468-page book intact into a 90-minute film without deletions and alterations.

The story of Left Behind focuses on Cameron 'Buck' Williams (Kirk Cameron of TV's "Growing Pains" fame), a world renowned TV reporter who, while on location in Israel to interview Dr. Chaim Rosenzweig (Colin Fox) about his new food growth formula, witnesses the miraculous decimation of Israel's enemy as it attacks from the air. As if that was not enough of an enigma, the world is thrown into upheaval when millions worldwide suddenly vanish. Airline pilot Rayford Steele (Brad Johnson) and stewardess Hattie Durham (Kirk's real-life wife Chelsea Noble) find many disappearances onboard their jet.

Back at home, Rayford's wife and son are among those missing, while his daughter Chloe (newcomer Janaya Stephens) is left behind. Pastor Bruce Barnes (Clarence Gilyard of "Walker, Texas Ranger") finds himself remaining on earth, facing the harsh reality that knowing of Christ and believing in Him are two separate things. Bruce, Rayford, Chloe and Buck all place their faith in Christ and become committed to reaching others with the truth, while attempting to stand up against the evil plans of the antichrist, world leader Nicolae Carpathia (Gordon Currie). Unfortunately Hattie, like millions of others on the globe, is deceived by Carpathia. Believing him to be the answer to world peace, she eagerly joins him as his personal assistant.

If compared to other theatrical or television releases, Left Behind is outstandingly clean. With an audience of conservative Christians, content that may be offensive includes Buck drinking beer in one scene, plus one instance where he finds a friend murdered and exclaims 'oh God' (both instances before becoming a follower of Christ). Some of the minor characters smoke, and there is a hint of marital unfaithfulness as the married Rayford flirts with Hattie during a flight. There is some bad attitudes displayed by the evil characters, and some violence is present (the most graphic being a bullet hole head wound) and other scenes of blood due to automobile accident scenes.

Without a doubt, Left Behind is well worth your time. The acting and directing are top quality. Both as entertainment and as a catalyst for spiritual truth, it delivers! The producers were so committed to creating an effective tool for the gospel that they were not willing to have Hollywood mess this one up; it's just too important. The potential outreach of Left Behind is astounding! Compared to other Christian rapture films, the quality is without equal, with an embarrassment factor of zero. While the gospel is clear, the message is best taught through Christians who could use this film as a discussion starter. There is no invitation at the end, as in films from Billy Graham. Christians should be prepared to field questions and guide people to the truth. Brush up on what the bible says about the the return of Christ (info included below).

The film's (http://www.leftbehind-themovie.com) official website sums it up well: "In this classic X-Files type drama where believers and non-believers are constantly being challenged by science and unexplained preternatural events, hearts, lives and intrigue all lie in the balance."

No matter what your religious beliefs, there is only one truth. Where will you be spiritually when Christ returns to rapture His church?


hmm... it's ok.. though the special effects (like the planes flying across) are kinda cheesy. The Omega Code had that too. So far, I enjoyed movies like A Walk to Remember, Pay it Forward, The Count of Monte Cristo, Chicago... and the only Christian movie in this collection "Joshua". I admit that we often have to downgrade our expectations when it comes to Christian movies. However, I thought that Jonah (Veggietales), did a really good job... and Joshua... that too raised the bar for Christian movies. If you guys have never heard of it... check out the trailer.. http://www.joshuathemovie.com. And for those who saw it.. what did you guys think?


yeah I agree. It is more a story driven drama than an action movie. :wink:


God's Child said:
What did U think of the Left Behind Movie?
It was about as bad as "Growing Pains". But seriously, I saw the movie (the first "Left Behind" movie) about a year ago and I don't remember there being a clear presentation of the Gospel in the movie (?). I remember them talking about God, but not about Jesus.

I found this critical review of the "Left Behind" movie and thought I would share a few sections I agree with:

THE TRUTH PLEASE, by James Whisler : "I noticed that the Left Behind phenomenon has given us a lot of merchandise. But is any of it useful. They have a Left Behind book series for adult and a separate one for kids. Left Behind Audio Books, Left Behind sound track, a video of 'The Making of Left Behind', the Left Behind movie itself and even T-shirts ( I'm sure there's more that I don't know about ). I watched the 'Left Behind' movie and I honestly don't think I heard them mention the name of Jesus once. There was not a real clear gospel message on how to repent and get saved ... They announced before it began "stand by for an important message from Kirk Cameron after the movie". I thought he might give a testimony or at least an invitation to accept Christ. He didn't. All he did was promote the movie-- asking for people to take their friends to the theaters when it debuts. So that maybe it will make it big and Hollywood would notice and want to get into the business of making more Christian films like it. That reminded me of the recent Carman flyer I received asking me to buy his latest CD so it would outsell any secular artist and Christians would 'take over the music industry for Jesus'--oh o.k. as long as it's for Jesus. Give me a break ... While there are so many Christian merchandise junkies buying worthless 'Left Behind' propaganda that is far from being Biblically accurate, there are people going to bed without enough food each night or hand copying Bibles because they can't afford one ... The makers have issued the order that churches are not allowed to show the video to their congregations. The video is for 'private inhome use only'. In other words, they want everybody to buy a copy of it. After all, they need to make back that 17 million dollars, don't they? What kingdom are they investing in? ... After watching this movie, I had a hard time seeing 17 million spent on it. I think someone embezzled 16 million of the movie's finances."

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