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Bible Study Who is the real God?


Mar 29, 2005
The word, “God” is derived from the Sanskrit word, “gutta”; which means, the one who is sacrificed. This is precisely who God Is. He is pure love; who sacrificed His life for us on the cross, so that, we, who sinned against him, may be forgiven; and share his peace and joy for all eternity. God’s love is unconditional and infinite. He is our healer and redeemer who never gives up on us.

Pure love is a Spirit that fills the universe; and this Spirit is the being of God. Though God is a single being, His love has three distinct spectrums. They are love of a father, love of a redeemer and love of a sanctifier. Each of these spectrums, is a person; because each one has distinct actions. God in the Father’s love created us and takes care of our needs. When we abandoned His love and sinned against Him, He in the redeemer’s love came into this world as a human being; and died on the cross to save us from sin. Furthermore, to be our constant guide and keep us on the right tract, He in His sanctifying love fills our heart with truth. The presence of three spectrums of love in a single being of God, in a vague way, is similar to three distinct spectrums of primary colors in a single beam of sun light.

There is only one, true God; and that God is pure love. Pure love, is unconditional. It, therefore, never dies or change. It is, therefore, free of greed, anger, hate, jealousy and pride. It, therefore, brings us peace and joy. Money, power, pride, lust and selfishness are the false gods. Worshipping them results in fear, paranoia, hopelessness, hate, revenge, law suites, divorce, violence and murder. Furthermore, we can’t serve the true God, if our heart is with the false gods.

Who Me

Dec 19, 2018
We can only know about God what he reveals about himself to us. All interprtations, dreams, vissions and ideas have to be tested by scripture.

God has shown that he is a trinity, that he is able to expeience love and fellowship within the trinity.

God also expeiences emotions including those some assume to be bad.
God is angry at sin and at those who reject his mercy, he is rightly jealous if we worship or chase after false gods.


Light in darkness
Staff member
Apr 22, 2011
God of grace and mercy who was about to destroy man, but found favor in one that spared man that they might turn back to Him, Genesis 6:6-8.

Praise the name of the Lord :pray

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