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Recent content by Acebopata

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    Ok, first, I see absolutely no problem with a per-tribulation rapture and the lords prayer. After all, the saints do return with Jesus at the second coming. Second, God has always utilized his Jewish followers throughout history. They where important in the beginning, they where important...
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    Is God predictable?

    God does have his absolutes, yes. But he's far form predictable.
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    If you controlled the world or were a powerful leader

    Well, I'd rule a smaller nation, no more than the size of the state of Texas, preferably. I'd make a Pharocrocy type rule, which is similar to the united states government, but has tougher spending limits, no allowable government corruption, and protects all life, form conception to actual...
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    Bible Study Is HEARING cussing a sin?

    I can't remember the exact passage, but Jesus said that if our eye caused us to sin, then cast it out, and if our hand causes us to sin, to cut it off. Now he probably didn't litterly mean cut off your hand or toss out your eye, but if cussing is a sin, then cut off the cussing form your...
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    Where Is Steve Jobs Now?

    I suppose it depends if he either had a bed side conversion, (Which only 1 out of 10 are true conversions.), or if he became a Christain in the last few months and the media didn't have the gull to say so.
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    Is faith or works necessary for Salvation ?

    Their is one work I know is necessary to be saved, and that's to trust in Jesus, accept him as your savor, and repent, or turn away form your sins. I also believe people need to partake in a water baptism as soon as possable after receive Christ, but I also believe it's not required for basic...
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    How many remember this passage from Sunday school?

    I hold the Pre trib as a valid theory, and the Rapture and Kingdom of Christ as different events, yet at the same time, I'm respectful of those who are firm in the pre-trib and the post-trib theories of the Rapture. My main concern is keeping my life as pure as possible, so that it inspires...
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    Life is growing so empty..

    I have a lot in common with the original poster. I however never give up hope for a better future. I'm certain it's because the lord has sustaind me when I was weak, even though the pain of loneliness remains. The only advice I can give is to believe in the Lord, and to never give up, no mater...
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    You Dream Vehicles

    This is my dream car. It was constructed as an experimental car for the video game Grand Truismo 5, a PlayStation 3 video game simulator. Powered by Twin Turbo 3.0liter V8 engine 1,483 HP 280 MPH 0-60 in 1.4 seconds Lateral acceleration can reach 8.75G
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    anybody believe this month(october 21,2011 ) will be the end of the world

    The potential that the rapture could happen this month, I considered it deeply. The possibility it could happen on the 21st...certainly not! I know better than to believe those predictions.
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    You can come out now Harold! ... world survives Rapture... AGAIN

    I'm not all that surprised, the Lord said that no one would know the day or the hour, and I'm certain that any predicted date will end up being wrong. I do believe the lord is returning much sooner than we think, but defiantly not on any predicted date.
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    Something I dont understand....

    Chris is right. While we do need to be discussing the Lord with people, it is best not to push it too far, as that turns off people. I had a chance to witness to three people. The first one rejected Christ, Partilly because I pushed too hard. The other two accepterd him, partually because I...
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    Does anyone besides me Die out when people argue?

    I never did like arguing much. When people argue, I usually go out by myself and study the issue on my own. The only arguing I did like was with artificial intelligence programs like Clever-bot and such.
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    [__ Prayer __] A friend of mine has a prayer request.

    This is the exact post of a friend of mine form the Warrior Cat Forums. It's for her friend.
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    Does anyone besides me Die out when people argue?

    True, It's hard to find those kind of people these days though. *Sigh*