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Recent content by 'Chante

  1. C

    Addiction is a disease

    To be 100% honest with you, Bill, I’m not practicing tough love. My brother made his choices and so did I. I have a beautiful little princess and I don’t want to expose her to the heartache that comes part and parcel with dealing with someone whom abuses alcohol. She is a very sensitive little...
  2. C

    Addiction is a disease

    My brother is an alcoholic. My mother is trying to convince me that it is a decease. Yessss….. He had to invest a lot of time, energy and money into contracting this ‘decease’. I know it sounds harsh, but he made a conscious choice to become an alcoholic. He now needs to make a conscious choice...
  3. C

    America's Joyous Future

    Oh, none taken. But then again, I’m not American… But I’m not offended anyway. Does that count? :chin
  4. C

    When are you to be baptized ?

    Amen brother!
  5. C

    Hello from Maryland

    Hi there! Welcome here. As soon as I figured the smileys out I will wave a 'welcome' to you. Please hang around? There is a lot of great people here.
  6. C

    Account Problems on the New Site

    Hi Mike. Am I banned too?
  7. C

    The Official King of the Hill Thread

    This just breaks my heart. Theo, you can have my imaginary friend. Her name is Pooksie, and she’s pink and fluffy and she can sing ‘The lion sleep tonight’.
  8. C

    The Official King of the Hill Thread

    Mike, you are you talking dirty to me?!?! You horrid person! Dukey, make him watch ‘The Sound of Music’!!!! Gmf! And since I am still (sigh) I’Chante instead of L’Chante, I decided to drop the ‘l’ and just be ‘Chante. If you can’t beat them, kill them. If it is illegal to...
  9. C

    Missing the point

    A new member! Hi Nathaniel! Welcome here. You’re right, words are powerful. And that is why we need to get out there and spread the gospel. If you think about it – it was the last instruction that Jesus gave to His disciples; to spread the gospel and to baptize people. The point that...