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  • I like this place so far!
    Lots of learning happening, along with some Fellowship!
    Sinthesis has some interesting news re; 14th Nissan.
    Nice work!
    Will have to check into it.
    This is the tool I've used to examine biblical dates. You will be amazed what you can figure out. I haven't shared everything because some of my conclusions about how certain Messianic prophecies were fulfilled to the exact day, well, I've never seen them anywhere else.

    Gregorian: April 3, 30 (ante ¹)
    Julian: April 5, 30
    Jewish: Nisan 14, 3790
    SDN: 1732110.5 ²
    Weekday: Wednesday
    Okay, continued above haha.....
    He's our first (Thayanee's first too) but my 5th kiddie, so experience and work conditioning beats out the new baby blues . Think I'm just burnt out in general.
    Money, yep that's a big issue right now, but with hard work and His blessings we'll get there.
    I pray that God blesses you and your loved ones with abundance in His holy name Deborah
    Paul, Thayanee and Eli
    Hi Deborah, I just wanted to say thank you so much for your prayers, Psalm 63 verses and kind words during what is a pretty rough time for me.
    God is pushing me through it on the prayers of yourself and other CF.netters.
    Just quickly, Eli's fine now (7mths can you believe it!) except for baby ailments like snuffy nose etc.
    continued below....maximum characters...hmmph
    I want to let you know that I appreciate your contributions on this site. My prayer is that you will continue being a blessing to others while here.

    God Bless
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