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Recent content by dga

  1. dga

    Bible Study Rich in the Eyes of God-Poor in the Eyes of the World

    When we read the Epistle of James, chapter 2, we find out, that the attention of heaven, is towards the materially poor people, who are rich in faith. We could fall in the trap sometimes, of thinking, that if we are not rich materially, then we are not considered successful. But, that is not...
  2. dga

    Bible Study How to Prevent Spiritual Famine and Starvation

    How to Prevent Spiritual Famine and Starvation Jesus said, that man does not live on bread alone, but on every word, that proceeds from the mouth of God, in Matthew 4:4. If we as Christians, do not feed our soul and our born again spirit, with the Word of God, we will eventually, fall into a...
  3. dga

    Bible Study Many Servants-Few Lovers of God

    There are always two primarily things, we can do for our relationship with God. The first thing is to spend time with God, praying, worshiping and thanking him, and listening to what he wants to tell us. The second thing is, doing things for God. Spending time with God, talking to him, and he...
  4. dga

    Bible Study Loving Others-Doing or Feeling?

    We as Christians, know what we are commanded by Jesus himself in John 13:34, that we should love one another, and the world will know, that are his disciples. And it is easy to understand, because God is Love. But loving others is a command, and it is not about what or how we feel about others...
  5. dga

    Bible Study Iron Sharpens Iron

    The Bible says that we must admonish each other, and that we must teach each other, and if someone has a revelation, or a psalm, all things must be done in order for us to grow in our spiritual walk with God. And of course, we are not only to teach each other the truths of the Word of God, but...
  6. dga

    Bible Study Love is Fault Blind

    It is easy if we do not love our neighbour, to start looking at their faults. The Bible says that love covers a multitude of sins. We should not be like the Pharisees, who did not emphasise love for their enemies, but were just looking to find out, what Jesus was not doing right, trying to find...
  7. dga

    Bible Study Why Fast?

    Fasting is humility, doing what God desires instead of what you desire. That is denying yourself daily, and carrying your cross daily. Fasting is obeying God, just to do what he has commanded instead of doing what you want to do. Fasting is saying 'No' to flesh and learning to deny the flesh. Do...
  8. dga

    Bible Study Levels of Spiritual Growth

    There are Christians, all over the world, but each one of them, is on a different spiritual level, than other Christians. We are not all on the same level. Each of us, who has been born again from the Holy Spirit, is on a different spiritual level of growth, than the others. It is like students...
  9. dga

    Bible Study Hope at the End of the Rope

    OK, now you are in a dangerous and challenging situation, and you wonder, if there is any help for you from heaven. You are not sure if God cares for the small details in your life, and you question yourself in your thinking, if God really does care, about what you are going through. Or perhaps...
  10. dga

    Bible Study No Matter Good or Bad Report

    There are sometimes, moment in your life, when you wonder, why if you do some things, which you know are right, and especially right in the eyes of God, because you have his Word, to make you think so, there are some people, or even Christians, which will say, all sorts of not so good things...
  11. dga

    Bible Study The Door Is Small But Always Open

    Yes, the door may be small, and the path narrow for those who follow Christ, but it is worthwhile. Of course, the door is opened for those who knock on it, as promised in the Bible, but the fact, that the door is small, and the path narrow, should not discourage you and me, to try to enter...
  12. dga

    Bible Study God Wants to Encourage Your Heart

    Are you discouraged, by some events in your life? If you are, you are not alone. There are many Christians around the world, who have felt discouraged in their life, in one way or another, by what has happened in their life, or by what is happening now. Perhaps you are one of them. You see, we...
  13. dga

    Bible Study Future of Joy If You Apply It

    If you are a born again Christian, then heaven has a good plan for your future. The Bible says in Proverbs 10:28, that if you are a righteous person, then you have hope, and the end of your hope is joy. Now, perhaps you are looking at your situation and circumstances, and perhaps you are going...
  14. dga

    Bible Study Being Content Whatever the Circumstances

    Today, because of the situation in the world, with the Covid 19 pandemic, and other troubles in this world, many people are not content, with their lives, with their jobs, with their amount of money, with their friendships, and with other things in general. There are many Christians, who for one...
  15. dga

    Bible Study Do Not Just Knock On That Door-Brake It

    Matthew 7:7, 8 You know, we are told by our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to knock on the door, so that it can be opened to us. Some Christians, will not even knock on the door, so, how is that door, going to be opened to them? Knocking on the door, is our part, and is the first part we...