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  • Oh okay. I think you uploaded a photo last time you did it, but that was then and this is now, so to speak. (Anyway, it wouldn't surprise me if a significant proportion of people at Christian rock concerts - including the musicians - have some kind of bodyart.) Blessings.
    I guess you head off soon. Maybe it's the first time you will have heard Red live?
    Okay. I guess you are looking forward to some really good quality hard rock, with a clear Christian message. Blessings.
    Hi there; hope you had a good day in church yesterday; we did; some good thoughts brought to us from the Scriptures.
    Your new thread has had a lot of posts; I think your worthwhile and serious questions have received a lot of comments; although some of the guys don't seem to have taken it very seriously. Blessings.
    So we got back from NY and Pa. Saw Pa.'s Erie lakeshore; impressive. Stayed in Buffalo, NY near the airport and Air Force One was parked near our hotel (we didn't see the President's motorcade, though.)
    I reckon as a hard rock woman now, you're looking forward to the Christian concert that you guys are heading for; is it one band that you guys will hear, or maybe more than one?
    Hope church went okay today. Blessings.
    Hi there; so did you guys have a good vacation? maybe home again now. Hope the wedding went well also. My wife and I head for NY & Penn. next week. Blessings.
    one doesn't have to sin to be in the service. one can choose to be holy and pure. the army has a tradition of adultery and fornication. this is a counter argument against tats and the navy.
    Oh okay; yes, this is what foreign stations for troops and their families are often like; a year or two here and there; and little opportunity to put down roots. And even if your mom was in the navy, and if she did get the tattoo that navy personnel are almost expected to get, maybe she wouldn't want to tell you in any case. Blessings.
    Hi there; I couldn't post in the teen section; saw that you lived in Italy; been there a few times, in the north, around Ventimiglia, in Liguria region. For ppl that speak some French, or Spanish, Italian can be more straightforward to understand; so do you remember any Italian?
    Interesting your mom was in the navy; she sounds like she has experienced a lot in her life. If she was in the navy, then maybe she acquired the almost 'obligatory' tattoo at that period? anchor, etc., kind of links in with Hebrews 6.19, 'anchor of the soul, both sure and stedfast'.
    I am familiar with the means with a dog is put down. its the same drugs used on humans for execution. it can be painful for them. I have had vet tell me that dogs do suffer. the drug used is lethal to humans. we had that in Afghanistan. a simple red vial with the crossed bones and skull on it. it was for use to put down all animals.
    Replied to some of your musical post stuff. Won't be up much longer, I guess. Blessings.
    Hi questdriven. Hope the vacation is going well, and the preparations that you guys are making for the family wedding, etc. On the forums it's been quite busy; some good posts about the faith principle; some argument about proving God's creation (kind of futile, outside the Bible); more on ear piercing (ty for your recent post) and also this tread on tats has been active: although it might not be quite relevant to you, at least not until you're a bit older, or in different circumstances, or whatever. It's been a bit cooler here; but we may be heading for NY/Penn. soon. Blessings.
    Sounds good; up here north of Lake Ontario this week has been cooler than last week; it was nearly 40C last week, which is 112F. Hope you guys in Penn. are cool enough, anyway. Blessings.
    Hi there; so how do you rate the vacation so far? (My wife and I at the moment have folk on vacation staying with us; never a dull moment.) There have been some interesting thread postings recently. Blessings.
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