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  • I liked 90% of movies with Woods and Deniro in. Usually not in the same movie. Liked once upon a time in America too. I spent the eightees and ninetees following those two. Like Deniro in taxi driver for example. That's an unbelievably good movie.
    Looks like they are shutting down the thread. What ashame.
    I have been there two weeks and they already shut two threads down in a short time. I doubt I will be back there. But you never know, I might change my mind. Bless you.
    The moderators try to do the best that they can, but they are not moderators of the word of God. They moderate a public web site. I understand if I want to post on this forum then those are just some of the consequences. As I have learned, if they close down a thread, we can always create another.
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