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  • TEACHER: anything you cannot see, touch and feel does not exist.

    Example, can u see God?
    TEACHER: Can you touch God?
    TEACHER: Can you feel God?
    TEACHER: This Means There is no God. Can anybody give me any other example?

    MUSA: Yes Ma,
    TEACHER: Go ahead, MUSA (MUSA faces the teacher)
    MUSA: Can you see your brain?
    MUSA: Can you touch your brain?
    MUSA: Can you feel your brain?
    MUSA: Therefore, YOU HAVE NO BRAIN.
    so, I tried going to the ladies locker room, and the forum told me I don't have permission to enter. :sad
    Hey, thanks for leaving me a comment on my profile! I will definitely check out the ladies locker room. I have yet to even look in there, so I should get to it! I hope you're having a rad day!
    Oh, I'm still having some problems with my back and hip. It got better then I did something that caused another problem. I'm just trying to get it healed. Thank you for asking. :)

    How are you doing?

    Blessings to you and yours! :)
    Part A

    John and Musa were both

    patients at a mental


    One day while they were

    walking past the hospital

    swimming pool, John

    suddenly jumped into the

    deep end. He sank to the

    bottom of the pool and

    stayed there. Musa

    promptly jumped in to

    save him. He swam to

    the bottom and pulled

    John out....
    Part B

    ....When their Psycho Doctor

    became aware of Musa's

    heroic act, He

    immediately ordered

    Musa to be discharged

    from the hospital, as he

    now considered him to be

    mentally stable.

    The Doctor Called Musa

    and broke the good news

    to him, the Psycho

    Doctor said,"Musa, I have

    good news and bad

    news.The good news is

    you're being discharged;

    since you were able to

    rationally respond to a

    crisis by jumping in and

    saving the life of another

    dying patient in the Pool,

    I have concluded that

    your act displays that

    you have a sound mind.

    The bad news is, John,

    the patient you saved,

    hung himself in the

    bathroom with his

    bathrobe belt right after

    you saved him. I am so

    sorry, but he's dead.

    Musa replied, "Doc, He

    didn't hang himself, I

    Hanged him there to dry

    because there was plenty of

    water in his body. Please,

    can I go home Now?
    Unforseen circumstances...
    Busier than bees....
    Doing a 100-men duty alone...
    a belated thank you!!! Havent logged on in awhile. Usually do from work but its been rather busy! Ive actually had to work at work for once :)
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