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Recent content by God's_gift

  1. God's_gift

    Hello, new to this particular forum.

    Hi welcome to christian forums:-) God bless
  2. God's_gift

    [__ Prayer __] Praise God! One of my dream had just came true:-)

    One of my dreams before when I was still in the university is to watch the Planetshakers concert. It was a very simple dream but I was also thinking it's very impossible for the Australian international band to come into our country especially in our island. But nothing is really impossible for...
  3. God's_gift

    Hello folks.

    Welcome to :-)
  4. God's_gift

    First impression of new board

    Wow, simple but elegant. I like it...:-) thanks to all the staffs who are working on this site, God bless you all!
  5. God's_gift

    I'm back and hello all

    I'm back for good :-)
  6. God's_gift

    Husband and Wife Rift

    oh mother, hehe
  7. God's_gift

    I'm back and hello all

    thank you farouk !
  8. God's_gift

    what are you listening to right now? This song is about purity and waiting for God's gift
  9. God's_gift

    thanks :-)

    thanks :-)
  10. God's_gift

    thanks :-)

    thanks :-)
  11. God's_gift

    thanks :-)

    thanks :-)
  12. God's_gift

    thanks :-)

    thanks :-)
  13. God's_gift

    Quick Intro

    Welcome to :-)
  14. God's_gift

    I'm back and hello all

    God thank you !i finally log in successfully in my account after almost one month of trying... hehehe