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  • Hi. in the thread "God's gifts are irrevocable...", I'm trying to be clear and precise in my comments without getting too aggressive with "Papyrus dust". It is becoming difficult as he constantly twists scripture and other people's statements.
    Please watch the thread and tag me if I get out of line.

    Hi Mike

    It's not my membership I want to delete it's just my threads and posts I want to delete.

    Dan W
    Hi Mike

    I just wanted to ask if their was a way for me to delete my threads and posts.

    Dan W
    Mike, it looks like you've still got it.
    You were an inspiration to me from the beginning and you are still the stallwart for the Lord Jesus. Let's you and I keep it going forever.
    God bless you richly.
    Wow, Rollo. I fall way short of this nice thing you've said, but thank you. I have tremendous respect for you, brother!
    When you do stop in be sure to start a TWTS thread for us. We miss you and would not want to miss your next visit!

    ~The Staff at CF.NET
    Your signature speaks of the belief that I have benefited by:

    "You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everybody. You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts." 2 Cor 3:2-3
    Hey Mike, (edited message)

    Thank you, brother! And I'm not simply returning volley when I say you are very highly regarded by the board and the team. We appreciate you too! :)
    Because it's not said often enough, I want to let you know that I appreciate your contributions as a staff admin on this site.

    God Bless
    If we can't post on preterism, then maybe you should eliminate the whole category and have every Jewish, Islamic, Atheist end time ideology on.

    For what its worth., I am no fool for religion and fanatics calling other Christians "heretics"...
    Mike, you are welcome to allow free to send the information via my home email address starting with dav, if yòu are able to do so. I still have not received anything from her.
    Hi Mike; lots of replies to your dating thread; you have my sympathies, anyway. Blessings.
    Hi Mike,
    I just wanted to say thanks to all you moderators. You have a big job trying to keep up with all the posts and I appreciate what you all do.

    I love this forum. I am learning daily, not just in knowledge but in how to discuss threads in an orderly manner. Our personal convictions certainly do get in the way quite often.

    With this forum, I can see my weaknesses and strengths in a better light.

    Thanks again to all of you.

    I will not argue with you but your words were offensive to my faith. Churches of Christ are based on biblical teachings and we are not a cult. I understand one thread is enough but I do not understand why you and other moderators have to be offensive as I have not mentioned any other faith or claimed it is wrong or right. I read to ToS prior to posting and did not violate any of the rules, but others have personally attacked me, calling me a cult and a troll. I have not once denounced any other denomination or judged anybody, I just stated my beliefs as I know them to be.

    If I have offended you or anybody else I apologize. I started that thread because I am new to the faith and found it strange there was no musical instruments and researched it and found it to be biblical. It went off from there.
    What is the reason for closing this thread?
    Teasing, actually I was thinking of a crucifix I saw when I was a child. Jesus was battered, grimacing, there were flecks of blood all over him. Now THAT was really scary.
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